Labor & Employment

What are workplace rights for employees and employers? 

Workplace rights cover fair treatment, safety, and proper compensation for employees, and also include the rights of employers to manage their workforce within legal guidelines. SLF Law advises both employees and employers on these matters. Contact us for comprehensive guidance on workplace rights.

How to handle labor disputes from both sides?

Effectively handling labor disputes involves understanding the perspectives and legal rights of both employees and employers. SLF Law, offers expert assistance in navigating and resolving labor disputes. Contact us for balanced and effective resolution strategies.

Best practices for drafting employment contracts?

Drafting employment contracts requires a balance of clearly defining employee responsibilities and protecting the interests of the employer. SLF Law can assist with drafting and reviewing these contracts. Reach out to us or expert legal support.

Differences between hiring employees and independent contractors?

The choice between hiring employees and independent contractors affects legal obligations and benefits. SLF Law  provides guidance on these distinctions for businesses. Contact us for advice on making the best hiring decisions for your situation.

Navigating employment law for businesses in California?

California's employment laws present unique challenges for businesses regarding wages, hours, and working conditions. SLF Law offers specialized legal advice to navigate these laws effectively for Californian businesses. Contact us for tailored legal assistance.

Can employers negotiate employment contracts?

Employers can and should negotiate employment contracts to protect their business interests while ensuring fairness. SLF Law offers negotiation expertise for employers in the Los Angeles area. Contact us for support in crafting balanced employment agreements.​


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